A Film About Learning OUTSIDE of the Classroom


We live in a time where education is under siege from every angle; over-testing, teacher layoffs, overcrowded classrooms, budget cuts, and failing grades.

In response to such grim news parents all across America are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the state of public education, and a growing number are choosing to pull their children out of school to seek alternative ways to educate them.

Class Dismissed will focus on the topic of education, specifically, alternative ways of learning outside of the traditional classroom. There are many choices when it comes to teaching our children, and Class Dismissed will ask some big questions:

  • What does it mean to be educated in the 21st Century
  • Is it possible to get an education without attending school?
  • Can learning outside of the classroom really provide a nurturing and educationally rich experience in which children can grow and blossom?

Class Dismissed will challenge its viewers to take a fresh look at what it means to be educated, and offer up a radical new way of thinking about the process of education.