A Film About Learning OUTSIDE of the Classroom

Theater Screenings

Dozens of private screenings of the Class Dismissed movie, hosted by the filmmakers, took place in 2015 from the U.S. to New Zealand, plus over 350 community screenings happened across the world (see map at bottom). We hope to host more, including public screenings at Film Festivals and education conferences. These screenings are a unique opportunity to see the film in the theater and meet the filmmakers.

If you'd like to bring Class Dismissed to your city, be sure to read the Guide to Hosting a Screening page.


Class Dismissed Screening

11/5/17: Everett, WA

Snohomish PUD Theater
Everett, WA

5/27/17: London, England

The Lexi Cinema
San Diego, CA


1/22/16: San Diego, CA

Innovations Academy Charter School
San Diego, CA

9/22/15: Sacramento, CA

Sierra 2 Community Center
Sacramento, CA
Curiosity Tickets

9/23/15: Oakland, CA

Curiosity Hacked Oakland Lab
Oakland, CA
Curiosity Tickets

8/8/15: San Jose, CA

HSC Conference
San Jose, CA

6/27/15: Torrence, CA

CHN Family Expo Screening
Torrence, CA
CHN Tickets

5/16/15: Ashford, WA

Rainier Independent Film Fest
Ashford, WA
RIFF Tickets

1/22/15: Orange County, CA

Starplex Woodbridge Movies 5
Irvine, CA
MC Class Dismissed Sold Out

1/25/15: Mill Valley, CA

The Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA
MV Class Dismissed Sold Out

12/10/14: Santa Cruz

The Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, CA

10/15/14: Los Angeles

Laemmle's NOHO Cinema North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
LA Class Dismissed Sold Out

10/20/14: San Francisco

The Historic Balboa Theatre
San Francisco, CA
SF Class Dismissed Sold Out

10/22/14: Oakland

The New Parkway Theater
Oakland, CA
Oakland Class Dismissed Sold Out

10/26/14: Portland

Valley Cinema Pub
Portland, OR (Beaverton)
Oakland Class Dismissed Sold Out

10/28/14: Snohomish County

Galaxy Theatres Monroe
Monroe, WA
SF Class Dismissed Sold Out

10/29/14: Seattle

AMC Pacific Place
Seattle, WA


9/5/15: Littlerock, AR

Rethinking Everything Conference
Little Rock, AR

4/9/15: Houston, TX

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Mason Park
Houston, TX

4/8/15: San Antonio, TX

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Park North
San Antonoio, TX

4/7/15: Austin, TX

Galaxy Highland
Austin, TX

4/6/15: Dallas, TX

The Texas Theatre
Dallas, TX

3/4/15: Phoenix, AZ (Scottsdale)

Harkins Scottsdale 101
Scottsdale, AZ
AZ Class Dismissed Sold Out


5/21/15: Long Island, NY

AERO Conference
Long Island, NY

11/30/14: New York

School of Visual Arts
New York, NY

12/1/14: Boston

The Regent Theatre Boston (Arlington), MA
Boston Class Dismissed Sold Out

12/2/14: Charlotte

AMC Carolina Pavilion Theatre Charlotte, NC
Boston Class Dismissed Sold Out

12/3/14: Raleigh

Rialto Theatre
Raleigh, NC

2/10/15: Westbrook, ME

Westbrook, ME


Chicago is having its 2nd screening and several cities are under consideration.

11/17/14 Chicago

Landmark Renaissance Cinema
Chicago, IL
SF Class Dismissed Sold Out

3/15/15 Chicago

The Patio Theater
Chicago, IL

2/22/15 Wellington (New Zealand)

Penthouse Cinema & Cafe
Wellington, New Zealand

2/24/15 4pm Christchurch (New Zealand)

South Christchurch Library
Christchurch, New Zealand

2/24/15 6pm Christchurch, New Zealand

South Christchurch Library
Christchurch, New Zealand


Atlanta is first. Several other cities are under consideration. If your city isn't listed, read the Guide to Hosting a Screening page.

1/11/15 Atlanta

The Plaza Theater
Atlanta, GA

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