A Film About Learning OUTSIDE of the Classroom

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The Class Dismissed film is now only available on DVD through Amazon. These DVDs are meant for home use only. If you plan on showing the film anywhere outside the home, you are legally obligated to purchase the Screener Pack with the appropriate license. A rentable online version is also available (as well as a digital purchase). 


90-minute runtime. Ships through Amazon. The film is NTSC & region 0 (it should play on nearly any DVD player).

What People Are Saying:

“Class Dismissed shows parents a glimpse into the future of education. Everyone concerned with education would benefit by watching this film.”
– John Taylor Gatto, Former New York State Teacher of the Year and Author.

"This documentary was absolutely captivating. It was extremely well done. It just really encouraged you to think about what education really means."
- Stacy C.

"Absolutely a must see from a public school teacher now homeschool mom point of view. Two thumbs up!"
- Kim C.

"Class Dismissed is an inspiring account of choices in education~a support for those who are considering a change. Families need to trust their instincts and embrace the freedom and learning to come."
- Jennifer E.

"Class Dismissed reminded us that the hard work we invest into our kids' education has a lifetime of value, and that the continued expansion of educational choices is of utmost importance."
- Malerie B.